History: Meaning in life – a perspective development 

The Meaning Finding Method and its application in Coaching
- A one day seminar for psychotherapists, psychologist, existential coaches and other practitioners, in English

Stockholm, Andreaskyrkan, Högbergsgatan 31, i hörnet av Götgatan mellan Slussen och Medborgarplatsen i Stockholm
27. Oct. 2018, 9.00 - 16.00 o'click
From all questions about existence the most important for continuing life is the one of “What for?” – the question for meaning. Doubts about meaning are never accidental but always existential. They can immerge very urgently: when work, school or relationships are empty, when consumption and success is no longer rewarding, or when fatal suffering questions the meaning of life. On the other hand the doubts about meaning can remain unnoticed for a longer time and slowly emerge into consciousness, and eventually can become even obtrusive. Without finding a personal answer to such a structural question of existence, inner void, disorientation and even despair may arise. –
But lack of meaning, doubts and despair are not a destiny, we are not surrendered to them. Fulfillment in life depends to a great deal from us, from conditions which make it possible to find meaning, and it can theoretically be found in all circumstances of life. The lack of meaning therefore has its meaning: it claims for searching for a better dealing with our existence, to have a closer look at that what really matters in life. –
Such an access to find meaning will be showed from the point of view of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis by presenting a method to find meaning. We want to give a demonstration of tis application and even train it in small groups. 
SEPT, The Society of Existential Psychotherapy, in Stockholm, www.sept.nu,
PRIS Ordinarie: 1500 kr, ink. moms. Medlem i SEPT: 1200 kr ink. moms