Facing life’s challenges: a meaningful reply
Existential analytic and logotherapeutic tools to improve psychic health 

Precongress Workshop by Alfried Längle & Derrick Klaassen

June 17, 2021, 9-12 am Vancouver time = 18.00 - 21.00 MEZ
Life’s insecurity and constant change, its fragility and futility and the human yearning for a good and fulfilling life raise in us the question of meaning, especially in times of turbulence and adversity. Life is not a given but rather a constant question and challenge that demands personal answers and engagement.
This workshop begins with a basic reflection on what can lead to personal fulfillment in life. Then, we will concentrate more specifically on the basic attitude for finding meaning, as developed by Viktor Frankl. We will reflect together on the understanding of meaning, the main pathways for finding it, and therapeutic methods for assisting clients in this search. Short presentations will be followed by self-reflective questions, discussions, case demonstrations (including a potential live therapy demonstration) and an elaboration on a method for finding meaning. The participants will gain an in-depth understanding of meaning and its psychological impact, the causes and consequences of its loss or lack, basic attitudes for a meaningful life and the application of methods for finding meaning, especially for counselling practice. 
BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
 The 5 first applicants can register for a discounted cost of $150 CDN (plus GST) for the entire 3 day event with this 
code: BCACC-AL. (valid until May 17)